Wednesday, May 5, 2010

OHA Seeks Student Helper or Volunteer

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs’ (OHA) Land and Property Management Program (LPMP) in OHA’s Resource Management Line of Business is seeking an OHA Student Helper (or volunteer) to assist in the activities listed below.

1) Compiling, organizing and developing information regarding OHA’s current and prospective assets state wide (Wao Kele o Puna, Pahua heiau, the Waialua Court House and potential properties).

2) Assistance in drafting communications and documents, i.e. correspondence with OHA beneficiaries and partners as well as possible grant applications.

3) Assistance in researching, drafting and implementing a management plan for Pähua heiau as part and parcel to developing an adaptive model for OHA land management.

4) Assistance in researching, drafting analysis, and implementing potential land acquisitions.

5) Assistance in conducting community outreach activities (attending meetings and site visits with community organizations).

Activities are varied and interest or experience in one or a number of fields would be helpful: Hawaiian and environmental studies, law, land use planning, natural resource management, biology, botany, ecology, environmental or ecological economics, political science, anthropology, agriculture and corporate real estate.

Willingness, timeliness, energy and enthusiasm for learning, good communication and comprehension skills and efficient typing and writing skills are a must. A willingness to get your hands in the soil and handle outdoor expeditions will come in handy as well.

This position will provide the applicant with the opportunity to gain an on the ground experience in land policy and property management in Hawai’i, an understanding of government and administrative structure, community relations and the development of an adaptive cultural/natural resource management approach for OHA’s properties and prospective acquisitions.

Those eligible for OHA’s Student Helper Program can get paid. General qualifications for the program are attached. Expect to spend at least 19 hours a week shadowing and assisting me and/or members of OHA’s Land and Property Management Program team.

If you have further questions, please contact Annette Hayashi in OHA’s Human Resources office at 594-1934 or