Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Action Alert: Hawaii Budget and Historic Preservation

Before the Hawaii State Budget Revision (HB2200 HD1 SD2) is reconciled for the Governor's signature, letters of support to members of both the House Finance Committee and the Senate Ways and Means Committee are needed to restore the funds for two critical historic preservation programs. See the sample letter below for more information.

Here are important links:

Sample Letter

Sen. Donna Mercado Kim, Chair
Sen. Shan S. Tsutsui, Vice Chair
Committee on Ways and Means

Rep. Marcus R. Oshiro, Chair
Rep. Marilyn B. Lee, Vice Chair
Committee on Finance

FROM:(Insert your name)

RE: HB2200, HB1, SD1 Relating to the State Budget

I am writing with comments on HB2200 HD1 SD2, which provides adjustments and requests appropriations for Fiscal Biennium 2009 11 funding requirements for operations and capital improvement projects of executive branch agencies and programs. 

As the Senate Draft is reconciled with the House Draft in conference, I have the following requests:
  1. Please restore the funding levels to the State Historic Preservation Division (H. Culture and Recreation; 4. LNR802, Historic Preservation) to the amount reflected in the House version of this bill. SHPD is under a federal corrective action plan to address issues of compliance with its federal grant; additional cuts to staffing and program funding will make it even more difficult to meet the federal requirements, which could then jeopardize not only the state’s federal grant, but also billions in federal funding.
  2. Please restore funding for the restoration of the historic Ft. Ruger Chapel at Kapiolani Community College. This capital expenditure ($575,000) will assist KCC as it provides critical repair and maintenance of this historic structure.
Thank you for your consideration of these requests.

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