Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We're looking for personal stories about the preservation in Hawai‘i

As a preservation ethic developed that is deeply felt throughout the Hawaiian Islands, there were moments that made a difference. We're looking for personal accounts about making a difference in historic preservation in Hawaii.

For example:

  • Was your family witness to King Kalākaua’s unwavering support of hula?
  • Did your parents tell you stories about the Daughters of Hawai‘i defending Queen Emma Summer Palace from a plan to create a ballfield?
  • Do you remember Supreme Court battle over the historic designation of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel?  
  • Did you help keep ‘Iolani Palace from becoming a parking garage? Advocate for the property tax incentives offered to historic residences? Help strengthen the consultation process for federal undertakings?
In honor of Historic Hawai‘i Foundation’s 35th anniversary, founding director Robert Fox is compiling the stories that created Hawai‘i’s preservation movement.  Help us tell this history through memories of the historic sites, buildings, districts, landscapes, archaeological sites, sacred places and historic objects that have been at the heart of Hawai‘i’s historic preservation efforts.  We’re looking for stories of places saved and lost like the examples above; the people who made a difference; and the big trends and issues that changed the way we look at Hawai‘i.  Help us tell the stories of people saving places that matter.

Please write your story and send it to Bob Fox or by mail to 4348 Waialae Ave. #395 Honolulu, HI  96816.  Photographs, both historic and current, are encouraged; digital format is preferred.