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Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Hawaiian Hall and HFD Museum among 16 projects awarded preservation honors by Historic Hawai‘i Foundation

February 20, 2009 (Honolulu): The rehabilitation of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, the renovation of Bishop Museum’s Hawaiian Hall and the adaptive reuse of the Kaka‘ako Fire Station are among the projects that will be recognized at Historic Hawai‘i Foundation’s 2009 Preservation Honor Awards ceremony on March 24.

The awards have been presented annually since 1975 and are Hawaii’s highest recognition of preservation projects that perpetuate, rehabilitate, restore or interpret the state’s architectural, archaeological and/or cultural heritage.

“The preservation projects being recognized this year include examples of the breadth of Hawaii’s cultural and architectural legacy,” said Kiersten Faulkner, executive director of Historic Hawai‘i Foundation.

Royal Hawaiian Hotel Photo by Jonathan Radke

The sites range in age from the 500-year-old Hale o Lono heiau to a 57-year-old Ossipoff-designed house, with projects from many other eras in between.

“The diversity of the sites being preserved for future generations reflects the unique and intertwined histories of Hawaii’s peoples,” Faulkner said. “We are proud to recognize the efforts of many organizations, businesses and individuals who are doing their parts to ensure that the legacy of Hawai‘i lives on.”

The honorees were selected by an Awards Committee comprised of professionals in the fields of architecture, history, planning, landscape architecture, architectural history and media. Each nomination was considered on its own merits and not in competition with others.

“The recipients of the awards demonstrate various ways that historic sites are relevant to us today, and ensure that the places we enjoy will be available for future generations,” said Robert Iopa, chair of the Preservation Awards Committee. “While each project is different, all are exemplary in demonstrating how preservation builds community.”

Honors will be presented in three categories: Preservation Awards recognize a specific preservation project; Preservation Media recognize publications and other media that interpret historic sites; and Preservation Commendations recognize programmatic and advocacy efforts.

Historic Hawai‘i Foundation’s annual Preservation Honor Awards ceremony will take place at a luncheon on March 24, 2009 from 11:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. aboard Princess Cruises’ Golden Princess in Honolulu Harbor. Tickets are $40 each and may be reserved by calling 808-523-2900.

2009 Preservation Awards
For a specific project that preserved, rehabilitated, or restored a historic building, object, site or district:

  • City and County of Honolulu Department of Design and Construction; Okada Trucking Company, Ltd.; Urban Works, Inc.; Clayton J. Wong & Associates; and Cultural Surveys Hawai‘i, Inc for the restoration and conversion of the Kaka‘ako Fire Station to a museum for the Honolulu Fire Department (Kaka‘ako, O‘ahu);
  • Office of Hawaiian Affairs Land Management Hale; and Hi‘ipaka, LLC for the restoration of the 500-year-old Hale O Lono Heiau (Waimea Valley, O‘ahu);
  • YWCA of O‘ahu; Thompson Matheny Corporation and Ferraro Choi and Associates for the Phase I interior renovation, refurbishment and preservation of the dining room, kitchen and Elizabeth Fuller Hall at Laniakea, YWCA of O‘ahu (Capital District, Honolulu);
  • Kyo-ya Hotels and Resorts, LP; WCIT Architecture and Philpotts & Associates for the renovation of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel (Waikīkī, O‘ahu);
  • Thirty-three Hundred Tantalus, LLC for the active preservation of this Vladmir Ossipoff designed home (Nu‘uanu, O‘ahu);
  • Forest City Military Communities Hawai‘i for the rehabilitation of five historic homes (Pearl City Peninsula, O‘ahu);
  • Nāpali Coast ‘Ohana and Hawai‘i State Parks Division for restoring Nu‘alolo Kai historic sites and cultural landscape through collaborative efforts involving the cooperation of a state agency, non-profit organization and Hawai‘i cultural practitioners (Napali Coast, Kaua‘i);
  • Bishop Museum; Heath Construction Services; Mason Architects, Inc; and Constructors Hawai‘i for the restoration of Hawaiian Hall and Picture Gallery (O‘ahu);
  • Pā‘ia Mantokuji Soto Mission members; Board of Directors; and Centennial Committee for the repair, preservation and structural upgrades to the historic Pā‘ia Soto Mission temple and site (Pā‘ia, Maui).

Preservation Media
For a printed publication or visual presentation that interpreted the history, preservation or physical characteristics of a historic building, object, site or district:

  • Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard Association for the book “Fit to Fight: Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard 1908-2008” (Pearl Harbor, O‘ahu) ;

Photo at left:

From Fit to Fight PHNS 1908-2008:
Building One, the Shipyard Headquarters and later COM-14 Administration Building, was opened in 1926 and is still in operation today as one of the many historic buildings on the base. Photo courtesy of the U.S. Navy.

  • Turner Publishing Company and author Clifford Kapono for the pictorial history on Honolulu, “Historic Photos of Honolulu” (Honolulu, O‘ahu);
  • Minatoishi Architects for the publication, “Assessment of the historic architectural resources within the proposed Royal Hawaiian Hotel & Sheraton Waikīkī Master Plan” (Waikīkī, O‘ahu);
  • Dean Sakamoto; The Honolulu Academy of Arts; Karla Britton; Diana Murphy; Kenneth Frampton; Don J. Hibbard; Spencer Leineweber; Marc Treib and Victoria Sambunaris for the book and exhibit “Hawai‘i Modern: The Architecture of Vladmir Ossipoff” (Honolulu, O‘ahu).

Preservation Commendations
For an individual, organization, or government agency that engaged in an advocacy, educational, programmatic or other activity supporting preservation efforts, either for a specific site or through a broad-based program:

  • Heritage Center, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, School of Architecture for the first comprehensive study of the historic buildings, landscapes and other elements of the historic Mānoa campus (Mānoa, O‘ahu);
  • Hawai‘i Capital Cultural Coalition and partners for the Hawai‘i Capital National Heritage Area Suitability/Feasibility Study (Capital District, O‘ahu);

  • Barbara Long for her work in the preservation and restoration of the historic Old Maui High School campus (Pā‘ia, Maui).


Contact: Kiersten Faulkner, Executive Director
Historic Hawai‘i Foundation